Are You Really Ready to Start Freelancing?

So you have decided to brave the great big world of freelancing. First off, congratulations! This post is not about “when to quit your full-time job,” or “32 traits that will tell you if you’re cut out for freelancing.” You want to do freelance work, and this post will help you get ready for what’s to come.

We live in an amazing time when the ways to make money are, in large part, only limited by one’s creativity and determination. The term “self-employment” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and freelancers are a special community within the self-employed that have a different set of needs.

Let’s consider a quick scenario. Two sisters decide to start businesses on the same day. One is selling handmade baby bows and the other wants to be a wedding photographer. Both go out and buy all the necessary materials to get started.. camera, fabric, photography props, etc. The crafty sister goes to Etsy and immediately she has a substantial online presence with a site to feature her work that handles payments and allows her to communicate with customers.

What about the other sister? She is left with two options that are both less than ideal. One route is to enter into a database such as Thumbtack or Angie’s List and still not have a personal brand or business website. The other option is to get a website built with a paid or un-paid solution and then combine other integrations for scheduling and payment processing.

Most freelancers like the wedding photographer feel their best solution for starting their business is Facebook. This may also be why a recent study found that in one year 200,000 freelancers in New York State alone did work for one or more clients and were never paid. If you really want to get ready to be a freelancer, and don’t want to work for free, you need to have the right tools.

Workweek is an all-in-one portfolio website builder with built-in payment processing, appointment scheduling, contact form and more. A turn-key solution for freelancers to build a transactional website so they can market and monetize their skills and services. Going along with our scenario above, consider Workweek the “Etsy for freelancers.”

Go to so you will really be ready to start “using your skills to pay the bills.”

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